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International Conference Flow Analysis XV, June 26 - July 1, Krakow, Poland

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Getting to Krakow

Krakow is well communicated with major European cities. The most convenient way to get to Krakow is by plane, train or car. The railway and bus stations are located in the city centre.

The airport is located on the city outskirts, but is well connected to the centre. You can reach the city centre from the airport by train, bus or taxi service.

An alternative to Kraków Airport is Katowice Airport.

Getting around in Krakow

The most convenient way to travel around Krakow is by public transport. Krakow has a very well developed public transport network. Even though there is no subway in the city, there are high-quality buses and trams. Types of tickets and their prices are available on the official website of the transport company MPK Krakow (

A popular service that helps to use public transport is Jakdojade ( It can be used with a browser or via an app (we recommend downloading it from App Store or Google Play – it is free).

In addition to public transportation, there are also well established taxi services in Krakow. You can use the services of big taxi companies, for example:

  • Radio Taxi Krak (+48 12 267 67 67)
  • Radio Taxi Wawel (+48 12 266 66 66)
  • Icar Taxi (+48 12 653 5555)

Also in the city, transportation services are provided by companies such as Uber and Bolt (apps are available for free on App Store or Google Play).

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